This year we had the opportunity to work with a talented young group of kids from the Boulder Public Library to create and build a fun BiBli Swarm. The rules were simple: The robots had to use the BiBli OS and at least 1 Googley Eye. The robots had to also make people laugh or entertain them.

Students built and demoed their robots for the #HourOfCode Celebration being held in Boulder as part of Computer Science Education Week. The used BiBli Developer Kits pre-loaded with BiBli OS v 1.5 for Raspberry Pi.

The challenge dubbed “RobotJoy” was fun to participate and amazing to watch. Each student presented their robot on stage at the end of the week and wowed the audience with their colorful and creative functional BiBli robots. The event was meant to be fun and to introduce kids to swarm robotics but we also wanted to recognize some exceptional effort, design and engineering:

Drumroll…the 2016 BiBli Engineering Award Recipients:

Best Engineering
This award goes to the overall best designed robot including character, use of LED in the design and overall efficiency and function as an actual robot. Weight, materials, design and electronics were all factors in this year’s winning robot.

The 2016 award goes to Rainbow!

Best Character
Character matters in robotics. In fact it may be even more important than the actual engineering in some cases. There is an identity to the machine that makes it personable and something more than it really is. The Best Character award was a difficult one to judge. All of the designs were far better than we anticipated and a big round of applause to everyone.

This Year’s winner is “Scientist BiBli” (far right)…

We picked this because it not only displayed a robot character it had an accompanying story and persona. Well done!

RobotJoy Award
Robots are fun and they should make us laugh, encourage us and entertain. This was not one of the original awards but we’re adding it because this robot perfectly illustrated the spirit behind the original concept – robots that make us laugh.

This year’s Robot Joy Award goes to BiBi the Robot Elf. The ‘ugly sweater’ put it over the top! Well done everyone and start thinking about your ideas for next year. Hint: there will be an award for “Best Swarm”.