Innovation Team Follow-up 9/11/2014

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CSS is a mix of design and programming

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. We use CSS in our PHP and HTML files to tell the web browser how to display the elements of a web page. CSS can control everything related to the look and feel. Good CSS structure is an art. To get started:

Take a look at the mock-up of our ONE Operating System dashboard here.

Google Chrome has some great developer tools built in. I suggest using this browser. Right click to view the source. You should see something like this:

Note the CSS (Right) panel that comes up when you right click and then 'inspect element' on a website. Try changing some of the colors and see the web page change.
Note the CSS (Right) panel that comes up when you right click and then ‘inspect element’ on a website. Try changing some of the colors and see the web page change.


We need a 10 minute presentation on the “Library Robot”. Here is a template which includes the format and some sample slides.

Video Streaming

We need to systematically control which video feed is playing. It could either be a camera feed from one of several devices or it could be a feed from someone like NASA. How should this be accomplished?

Augmented Reality Book

6-1-14 Oats Barley (Book)
Oats Barley (Song)


iRobot Create® Documentation

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If you are in the Innovation Team you’ll want to take a look at the iRobot Create® Documentation. This is going to be the base for the Longmont Library robot project.

1. Download the iRobot Create® Developer Guide

2. Download the iRobot Create® Open Interface

3. We’ll talk more about this:

Sending Oi Commands from a PC

Connect the serial cable between iRobot Create and your PC’s serial
port and start a serial terminal program that is capable of sending data. iRobot recommends the freeware RealTerm Serial Capture Program, available at

Configure the serial settings to 57600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no flow control. Select the “Send” tab on RealTerm. Enter commands and watch the robot perform!


  • To turn on irobot Create’s Play Led only:
      128 132 139 2 0 0
  • To read the state of irobot Create’s left cliff sensor: 128 142 9See how the robot’s response changes when you lift it up. 11

  • To make irobot Create sing:
    Send these command sets separately:128 132 (Puts the robot in Full mode)
    140 0 4 62 12 66 12 69 12 74 36 (Defines the song) 141 0 (Plays the song)
  • To make irobot Create drive forward:
    CAUTION – place iRobot Create on the ground and be ready to grab it when it reaches the end of its serial cable tether! Send these two command sets separately:

      128 131
      137 0 100 128 0

    You can also write scripts of commands, freeing your robot from the serial cable tether. A script is a sequence of commands including commands that wait for events. With a script you can make the robot perform a “song-and- dance” routine that you create.