Denver Comic Con Robotics and Social Media Internships

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You could be asked to wear a robot costume and babysit R2D2 as part of this internship.

There are a few things to be excited about this spring.

The first is spring itself. Robots don’t like the snow!

The second is Denver Comic Con happening this May 23-25.

ROBAUTO will be working in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Education and the Longmont Public Library to exhibit a funny, 2-way communicating ‘selfie’ robot designed to entertain and amuse the Comic Con crowd. The robot is designed to help those with communication barriers to more easily interact – via a robot.

Warm weather, super heroes and robots. It’s going to be great.

But we’re most excited about is to announce two new internship opportunities.

Are you a hungry, self-motivated designer, engineer or social media guru? Then we invite you to read the job descriptions below and apply by March 15, 2015 by emailing a cover letter and resume in one PDF document to jhartman (at)

All positions are unpaid and will require approximately 10 hours per week through the end of May, with at least 1 full day expected during memorial day weekend while attending Denver Comic Con.

Each intern will be assigned a specific project and may be required to collaborate with other members of the project team in either Boulder or Longmont, Colorado.

The lucky candidates will have tons of fun and gain invaluable real-world experience while working with an award-winning team consisting of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers, librarians, students and educators along the front range of Colorado.

Robotic Engineer II

The ideal candidate would have at least 1-year of college experience towards a math or engineering related degree and some robotics development and design experience.

Specific responsibilities will include:

Creation of a 3D model and management of prototyping of eyes, head and a robot body.

  • Coding of several Linux and Arduino based robot control systems.
  • Contribution to the one-os operating system.
  • Creation of a web-based robot control dashboard.
  • Oversee product testing at Denver Comic Con 2015.

Social Media Manager I

As the social media manager you will be responsible for building a social media following around the “BiblioBot” robot leading up to and during Comic Con.  An ideal candidate should have at least 1-year of college experience in a business, communications, marketing or a related field.

Specific social media tasks will include:

  • Creation and growth of a social media brand around BiblioBot.
  • Scoping of a product feature which integrates Twitter’s API with the one-os robot operating system.
  • Coordination with the partners and the general Comic Con community leading up to and during the event during Memorial Day weekend.
  • General management of ROBAUTO’s blog, Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • Creation of a social media marketing plan for use by multiple partners.

About the project:

ROBAUTO and the Longmont Public Library have partnered to create a user-generated robot designed to help with communication for those on the autism spectrum. The project was named the 2014 Colorado Library Project of the Year and the 2014 U.S. Global IP Champion.