Robotics Innovation and the power of people

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ROBAUTO has always been about creating artificial intelligence and robotics for and by the people. We believe that these powerful new technologies should be accessible to anyone regardless of income, education, skill level or background.

Robots are fun but as it turns out they may also be able to help us quite a bit. In fact we’ve already seen some amazing breakthroughs in education, healthcare and autism using robotics – and the industry is really still in it’s infancy.

This collaborative process is part of our mission. We want to build robots that are low-cost and powerful but which also reflect the personalities and needs of the people who ultimately will use them. We hope this lowers costs and also speeds up the innovation process. In essence we want to ‘automate’ robotics development (“ROB-AUTO”).

Yesterday 13,059 people came to our website and to this Kickstarter campaign. This is a new record for our small startup! We are so thankful to our backers and it is truly encouraging to see. It is also a testament to what lots of people can do when they share a common vision.

Above: Above: An early BiBli prototype. The world’s lowest cost A.I. social robot. Built by and for K-12 students.

Robotics and artificial intelligence belong in the hands of the global community, not big corporations or governments.

There is something so powerful and unstoppable about people willing to step out and say…

I support this…”

Sometimes that’s all it takes in life…isn’t it?

People supporting each other. 

Here’s a special link to use if you know of anyone who might want a little BiBli prototype – or who might be able to simply donate a few bucks.

The world is changing. Innovation is no longer something that only belongs to universities and big corporations.

It belongs to the guy in his garage working Saturday nights towards a dream.

It belongs to a high school student who masters Linux and 3D printing at an early age – on top of her Calculus homework, soccer tryouts and band practice.

It belongs to us….and it has the power to transform lives and change our world.

Just ask a little robot named BiBli!

Spread the word!