(Robot) Joy to the World 2016 Community Challenge

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Help add a little #RobotJoy to the world this holiday season!

It’s that time of year again. Costumes. Food. Holidays. Joy. This year we’ll be celebrating in a whole new way. Robots.

Each with it’s own costume, song or message for the world.

What: A community challenge to create an inspiring, hilarious swarm of social robots built by and for area students and makers. Students will design and build their own personal robot and program it with a message of hope, humor or joy for the world.

When: Students will have a chance to present their creation with the rest of the ‘swarm’ on December 10 at 10 am at the Boulder Public Library in Boulder, Colorado. We encourage anyone to participate online for a chance to have their project featured. 

Where: The swarm will be featured as part of Boulder’s Computer Science Education Week December 4-10 and on Twitter via the hashtags #HourofCode #CSED2016 and #RobotJoy. 

Students, Makers and Teachers: Assemble and customize a BiBli® Robot or BiBli Starter Kit® and program it as part of a collective interactive robot swarm.

Rules: Make a robot, connected device or other automated awesomeness. The only rule is it must make people laugh and or spread a message of joy, fun or inspiration for all who see it!