7 Things Every Future Engineer Needs to Know

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1. “Why am I even doing this?”
Help solve world’s challenges
Live a prosperous life of purpose
Challenge yourself to be better
Secure Internet, Energy & A.I. are all massive areas for innovation
Fun new jobs and a better world

2. Agile Development
Able to install a program from the command line
Clear concept of IPs, Hostnames and Devices on a network
Can programmatically store and retrieve data
Can spin up a LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python)
Google Docs from your phone on a chairlift
Slack updates as if you were there
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

3. Communication & Cooperation
Communication is as important as the innovation
A team is an awesome thing
Email and phone etiquette
Personal branding

4. Programming & Logic
Production Hello World software on 2 different devices in 2 different languages by 12th grade graduation (everyone)
Bonus if you can put it on your own hardware or make a robot
You can explain big data and machine learning

5. Art & Design
You design for the customer need
Band is as important as AP Calculus
You know how to brand and market
Character development vs software

6. Innovation is Engineering
The Full Path: Idea to Revenue
Zero limits.
Assume everyone is currently asking the wrong questions

7. Become a Balanced Human
Fierce execution and passion not busy or stressed
It’s a marathon not a series of reactions to life and career
Mental and physical health is paramount
Leverage the power of the phone but have self-control
Have fun!