A super simple Python coding example for BiBli robots

One of the most difficult part of robotics is getting started. In fact most people don’t have a robot to play around with, or have a toy robot which can’t be accessed programatically. That’s one of the reasons we create the BiBli platform. It’s a real robot!

We use a variety of languages as part of the BiBli Operating System however most of the controls can be done via a Python library.

We’re trying to make it really easy to program a robot to do anything. From autonomous driving to speech there shouldn’t be any barriers.

Below is a sample program. It’s a basic Python program which you can load on to your BiBli and have it automatically move, speak and sense. We like to use light, sound and motion to create robot emotions, but you are free to code to your heart’s delight.

In case this is your first coding project – no problem – you’ll want to first copy this into a text editor. We use Brackets but notepad, or most website editors will work just fine.

You’ll be saving it yourfilename.py which is the file BiBli reads to run it’s demo.

Need help or want to see it run on a live BiBli? Email support@robauto.co.