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The BiBli OS powers a variety of community-built robot configurations including the Baby BiBli Swarm as developed by the Longmont, Colorado Public Library.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are helping drive a new industrial revolution. 

Breakthroughs in everything from automobiles education and healthcare are accelerating the pace at which we innovate.  But it’s no longer big companies and prestigious Universities who have the innovation advantage. It’s people just like you. 

ROBAUTO is enabling a global effort to accelerate innovation in robotics and A.I. by providing a. low-cost yet powerful robotics platform called BiBli®.


ROBAUTO was founded in 2013 by Jalali Hartman with the mission to enable communities to leverage robotics to create their own problem-solving robots.

Students as young as 7 are working on the first ever robot swarm built by and for kids.
Students as young as 7 are working on the first ever robot swarm built by and for kids as part of an #HourOfCode celebration hosted at the Boulder, CO Public Library.

3 years later ROBAUTO provides aspiring robotics engineers the first low-cost swarm social robotics and A.I. platform – BiBli®.

Our simple, low-cost, reusable yet powerful swarm robotics system includes the BiBli Student Kit, BiBli Developer Kit, Full Social Robot  BiBli Brain allow ANYONE to learn both robot character development as well as software and hardware development.

At the core of everything – the BiBli Operating System. Designed to run on the familiar Raspberry Pi board BiBli OS® turns any $35 Pi into a roaming, media serving, talking quasi-intelligent robot. BiBli OS provides a full Linux experience with simple Python based code examples and an out-of-the-box swarm robotics software system. Add one robot or add a swarm to your home, school, research facility or library.


Jalali Hartman – Chief Human
Jalali is an experienced engineer and entrepreneur with more than 20 years in product development, big data, machine learning and agile development. In addition to founding multiple startups he was the co-recipient of eBay’s Innovation Award, St. Vrain Valley’s Top 100, the 2013 Global IP Champion (Autism) and a 2015 National Medal Runner Up. His technologies have enabled more than $1B in revenue and reached hundreds of millions of consumers.

Christian Kaan –  Senior Robotics Engineer
Christian is a recent Masters graduate (Robotics Engineering) from WPI and is responsible for component design, testing and all aspects of hardware configuration and optimization.

Rhett Sandal – Robotics Engineer
Rhett is a Freshman at CU and was a standout graduate of St. Vrain Valley School District. During his time as a student liasion and ROBAUTO Intern Rhett has been instrumental in managing development environments, teaching students and assisting in the manufacturing of BiBli 1.0.


BiBli Robot Support
Em: support@robauto.co
Ph: 303.999.1924

PO Box 4688
Boulder, CO 80306



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