BiBli Developer Kit Documentation

Following are the instructions for set-up and operation of a BiBli Developer Kit:

1. Place all parts on a clear desk. You should have a motor kit, a BiBli OS, BiBli wiring and a Raspberry Pi and battery.

2. Insert SD card into Raspberry Pi, plug in and power up.

3. BiBli connects to any wi-fi called bibli with pw 12345678. Any router, whether connected to the Internet or not will work just fine. If you don’t have a router or can’t reconfigure it just set up a hotspot via your phone.

4.  Use a network tool to find the IP address of your BiBli. While connected to the same bibli wi-fi you’ll be able to control your BiBli by typing http:/

5. Now that you understand how to operate your “Brain” let’s assemble the drivetrain and wires.

6. Motors will need to be soldered. You can however test them by simply connecting the wires provided. Assembled your base and plan out where the rest of the components will go. Don’t mount them yet.

7. Use the wiring diagram to wire up the board.  Place the chip and led first. Then the short wires. Then the long wires.  Be sure your batteries are in correctly as they can result in short otherwise. Take your time here. Good engineering is a product of careful organization.

8. Place your breadboard, battery packs, and any other design you’d like – Googley eyes included!

9. Go to http://ip.address in any connected browser.

10. Upload songs and sound effects. Add and control multiple BiBlis in your swarm. Connect sound to any bluetooth speaker or headset.

11. Have fun! We’re here to help: