BiBli Kits: Learning Swarm Robotics via Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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Step 1: Build your robot body. Easy to assemble kit.
Step 1: Build your robot body. Easy to assemble kit.

When I was first starting out in robotics I was frustrated by the lack of information on what to do or where to get started. It seemed there were several platforms including Arduino and Raspberry Pi to create basic motor/sensor control or to make a sort of mobile media center. But nothing existed to really do what we needed – at the time it involved autism research and we just needed a mobile social robot.



There were kits for robots used in FIRST and Lego Mindstorms. But there was not really an actual talking, roaming, learning robot kit. And there definitely wasn’t anything that let makers let alone students have control and creative freedom over concepts like Artificial Intelligence and Swarm Robotics.

Sounds complicated? Not really. Robots are just like any other connected device. The issue is that there really isn’t a dominant, easy-to-use platform for creating a basic mobile social robot. Until BiBli. BiBli was developed for students by students. It’s a simple but powerful robotics platform that transcends STEM. With a fully-functional onboard IoT media center and voice activation as well as autonomous navigation it is an ideal platform to learn hands-on robotics.

There are some steps to learn of course. So we’re breaking it down into 2 kits – a body/drivetrain and a brain.

Robot design has a lot to do with making decisions around function versus power usage and complexity. The BiBli body design uses triangulation and basic physics to deliver an efficient, lightweight and strong BiBli Body.

biblis sign

bibli brain

Here’s the fun part. A complex piece of hardware that drives your BiBli. Simple to install and use it allows you to connect and customize your BiBli brain. Developed by engineers and by more than 500 students, teachers and librarians it’s a simple media center and robotic operating system.

Tools: A computer & Android Device (optional)
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