BiBli Developer Kit Documentation

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Following are the instructions for set-up and operation of a BiBli Developer Kit: 1. Place all parts on a clear desk. You should have a motor kit, a BiBli OS, BiBli wiring and a Raspberry Pi and battery. 2. Insert SD card into Raspberry Pi, plug in and power up. 3. BiBli connects to any […]

Bootstrapping in the age of robots

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I’ve had the good fortune to be a part of some amazing startups. If you are connected with me on LinkedIn you likely know some of those stories. I can’t confirm the exact details but I recently heard that a $25,000 angel investment in Uber is now worth more than $50M. Very few investments can […]

CU Boulder & ROBAUTO Autism and Robotics Research

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Robotics show significant promise as a teaching and communication tool. They appear to be a bridge between a device or computer (which can be very anti-social) and a human (which have limitations). Beginning in June of 2016 ROBAUTO and researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder will be collaborating on a CU funded project to […]