Robotics Teaching Materials for the Classroom

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Below are some free teacher and librarian resources for introducing engineering and robotics design. ROBAUTO STEM Handouts Download 7 Things Every Engineer Should Know Find your passion Help solve world’s challenges Live a prosperous life of purpose Challenge yourself to be better Secure Internet, Energy & A.I. are all major engineering problems Innovation = Fun […]

Can a robot really help with everyday tasks?

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People often ask how old you need to be to get started with robotics. The truth is we’ve seen students as young as 6 years old assembling and controlling our BiBli robots and the ages seem to just get younger and younger. My friend Alex recently sent me a video of his daughter who had won some […]

Broken BiBlis

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Some of the (original) broken BiBlis from the Longmont Public Library. Don’t worry we’ll get them fixed up in no time.

How to change the default Raspberry Pi 3 wi-fi settings from command line on a BiBli Robot

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Wondering how to change a Raspberry Pi to connect to a new wi-fi network? Login using: ssh pi@ipaddress (or simply connect to your HDMI monitor and a USB keyboard) pw: raspberry pi@bigboy:/  cd /etc/wpa_supplicant pi@bigboy: /etc/wpa_supplicant $ ls pi@bigboy:/etc/wpa_supplicant $ sudo nano wpa_supplicant.conf (edit the file to include the new network ssid and password and reboot)