If you are in the Innovation Team you’ll want to take a look at the iRobot Create® Documentation. This is going to be the base for the Longmont Library robot project.

1. Download the iRobot Create® Developer Guide

2. Download the iRobot Create® Open Interface

3. We’ll talk more about this:

Sending Oi Commands from a PC

Connect the serial cable between iRobot Create and your PC’s serial
port and start a serial terminal program that is capable of sending data. iRobot recommends the freeware RealTerm Serial Capture Program, available at http://realterm.sourceforge.net/.

Configure the serial settings to 57600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no flow control. Select the “Send” tab on RealTerm. Enter commands and watch the robot perform!


  • To turn on irobot Create’s Play Led only:
      128 132 139 2 0 0
  • To read the state of irobot Create’s left cliff sensor: 128 142 9See how the robot’s response changes when you lift it up.

www.irobot.com 11

  • To make irobot Create sing:
    Send these command sets separately:128 132 (Puts the robot in Full mode)
    140 0 4 62 12 66 12 69 12 74 36 (Defines the song) 141 0 (Plays the song)
  • To make irobot Create drive forward:
    CAUTION – place iRobot Create on the ground and be ready to grab it when it reaches the end of its serial cable tether! Send these two command sets separately:

      128 131
      137 0 100 128 0

    You can also write scripts of commands, freeing your robot from the serial cable tether. A script is a sequence of commands including commands that wait for events. With a script you can make the robot perform a “song-and- dance” routine that you create.