Meet MiraBot and BiBli 2.0 at Family Engineering Day

Robots are so much fun. Over the past 4 years we’ve worked to create a hardware and software combination that was open and easy yet powerful. Qi Liu is a PhD candidate at CU’s College of Electrical Engineering. She’s also one of the original architects of the BiBli hardware and operating system. Recently she’s been working to create a self-balancing 2WD robot called MiraBot. It’s part of a project funded in part by CU Boulder.

Where to see MiraBot

Come see MiraBot and some BiBli robots and learn talk first-hand with real robotics engineers and get a chance to control these innovative new robots.

Family Engineering Day
Saturday, February 25 10am-2pm
CU Boulder
3415 Colorado Ave

Bring the kids and join us as we celebrate National Engineering Week. This open-house event will feature hands-on engineering design stations, including but not limited to:

  • Sail cars
  • BB8 Robot Challenge
  • Star Wars Green Screen Activity
  • Keva Planks Station
  • BiBli Robot Swarm
  • MiraBot Robot Prototype
  • Maker Space Demonstrations
  • 3D Printing Station…and much more!


How does MiraBot work?

Qi has developed software that works in conjunction with the 2WD motor control and a gyroscope. The software detects the state of the motors and adjusts them to keep the robot upright. Existing BiBli robots use a 3rd wheel – a caster.  Qi likes to say that MiraBot never gives up – which is true just watch the above video.

This is great innovation and progression – the question is…what will YOUR robot do?

The sky is the limit!