OWI Robotic Arm – USB Interface for MAC

Want to control your OWI Robotic Arm with a MAC? Here is the hack.

A simple controller program to operate the USB Robot Arm supplied by OWI / Maplin on Mac OS X. Developed in XCode against the IOKit framework.

This small project is the result of a couple of hours work trying to get the OWI/Maplin USB Robot Arm Kit working on the Mac. The kit comes with a PC control program but I can’t be bothered switching in and out of boot camp whenever I want to play 😉

The program is by no means complete and is a bit ‘rough-and-ready’ but I’ve put it on CodePlex in case it’s useful to anyone – maybe as a quick start.

A couple of links:

Product info for the robot arm can be found here: http://www.maplin.co.uk/robotic-arm-kit-with-usb-pc-interface-266257 and here: http://www.owirobots.com/cart/catalog/OWI-535USB-ROBOTIC-ARM-KIT-with-USB-PC-INTERFACE-Assembled-103.html

The USB command details are courtesy of: http://notbrainsurgery.livejournal.com/38622.html (which covered most of the hard work 😉

Finally thanks to the ever inspirational Matt Jarvis http://www.mattjarvis.co.uk/ whose FaceBook photos of his robot arm persuaded me to impulse buy mine and who egged me on to produce this project.
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