$1 is all it takes

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pledge1Many of you are waiting to get a free ROBAUTO t-shirt.


We’ll be sending shirts out while supplies last if our Kickstarter gets funded.

The way Kickstarter works is the projects get featured based on how many pledges you get. That’s why we need everyone to pledge $1. If it isn’t successful you’ll get charged nothing. If it is successful we’ll send out a shirt!

No thanks, but I’ll share it on Facebook or Twitter!

Vote on the sound effects for ONE

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What types of sounds should we use for the first crowdsourced autism therapy robot “ONE”? We’d love those of you who are sensitive to sound to listen to these sounds and let us know which types you like and which you don’t. Simply listen to the following sounds and then leave your feedback on the Kickstarter Page.

Tires Squealing

Human Robot Voice

Dogs Barking

Laser Blasts


Metal Gong

Motor Rev

Man Laughing

Apple Startup

Computer Love

Child Laughter