Demo – ONE sees the world for the first time

Categories Project Log, Technology and Medicine

As background please note that this robot is being initially designed to help those with autism to communicate, have companionship and interface with the world. After our initial research we found that schools and parents were in need is something low-cost but that also keeps attention and gathers data. Think of ONE as a sort of Mars rover for our minds.

We found that we really don’t know that much about autism as a whole. Everyone varies quite a bit and communication is an issue.

Robots seems to help and so we are building ONE as a robot that can act as a focal point for attention, as well as a hub for connecting inputs and outputs. Currently we can run a sequence of motor controls, lights and sounds via the web. We believe it is the first step of expanding the use of robots in healthcare in general.

We are hoping people can help us come up new sequences to try. They can be funny, help with speech, or just add character and personality to ONE. Some examples would be a mode that mimics a tantrum and is used to calm a situation. Another mode could involve playing a familiar movie clip while a user races it via remote. We’ll be providing some sample code.

As it interacts, we are able to gather information such as sound and video. Even wearable technology and other devices can connect via Wi-Fi. The robot runs on Linux and Raspberry Pi and operates much like a web server.

We still have a few educator/developer kits available for a pledge of $139. This is not only a huge savings, if you have experience with simple programming and networking you’ll have no trouble working with ONE and learn quite a bit about robotics in the process.

We’ll continue to update – thanks again for your support and have a great day.